Being part of an awesome mother artist community Mama On Palette, I had the opportunity to conduct art workshop at Otah and Friends!

As with all the art lessons that I plan, this art workshop has sensory and wonder elements to promote social emotional development and creativity.

This is done through storytelling about the Galaxy, and then exploring colour mixing by slowly dripping the liquid watercolours on cloth. They then add details with glitter, sequins and beads, which helps them with their fine motor skills.

What's even more awesome, is that because of your support in my small business, I get to make process art accessible to the community - beneficiaries from non-profit organization Ray Of Hope attended the workshop on 5th November. I had such a wonderful time seeing the children's creativity in action and hearing them share about their artworks.

Thank you everyone for making art a part of the community!

"All in a tiny apartment space of 59sqm, there was a primary schooler, a preschooler and a toddler. It was mentally and physically exhausting to think and plan art activities for them who were at 3 different developmental phases. It was not just about mess anymore as well, it was about engagement too. I couldn’t afford the energy to set up 2 or 3 different activities because that would mean 2 or 3 different setups and clean ups. I needed art activities that could engage all 3 kids at the same space and at the same time." (Excerpt from book)


And so I curated 20 Process Art activities for families with children of multiple ages from 3 to 12 years. Process Art focuses on the process rather than the outcomes which means younger and older children can be engaged in art making together. Furthermore adults do not have to be formally trained in art to facilitate such art projects. A book of 20 activities can save every family time and effort in finding that suitable art project for a preschooler and tween making art at the same table.

There are also time fillers and conversation prompts to engage children further. With easy-to-follow instructions, older children can participate in helping to set up and facilitate the activities!

What Else is Inside the Book

  • Short-form videos to view the process

  • Downloadable guides and templates

  • A list of art supplies for exploring the activities

  • Tips on engaging your children in process art


You desire to guide your children to cope with the challenges of growing up, school and life. How do you create a home environment that improves your children’s social emotional wellbeing and builds up their resilience? The answer: CREATIVITY. And engaging children through process art activities is a great way to develop creativity.


About the Author: Rebecca Yao

Working with children, youth and families as a social worker, teaching children as an art instructor, and then staying-at-home to nurture her 3 children, these experiences have enabled Rebecca to curate projects that will start your journey of making creativity a part of your family and home.

It all started when my children were showing signs of school anxiety and had difficulty coping with sibling rivalry, i.e. quarrelling and fighting. We had just moved to a new place and our special wall of values at our old house was no longer around. That wall of values had visual reminders that I could point them too whenever we needed to talk about feelings and behaviours. I wasn't prepared to set up a wall like that again so soon in our new house so I was thinking of how to get them to remember important things. Then I remembered that I used to have a reminder bracelet that I bought from a shop, it had a word carved onto it but it was not customised.

So I thought perhaps we can make our own special reminder bracelets and through the process of creating those beads, we can talk about meaningful reminders in our lives. I spent one-on-one time with my daughter to create the bracelets. We were having a very tense relationship - me shouting at her because she was shouting at her younger brother. She created a bracelet to remind her to show love to her brother and I created a bracelet to remind me to take 5 deep breaths when I am angry so that I can speak calmly.

Initially my assumption was that only girls liked bracelets but when my 2 boys saw our bracelets, they wanted to make them too! It was amazing to see their creativity and focus especially my youngest 4-year old in moulding the tiny beads. My 11-year old eldest boy took it one step further and made a bracelet for his dad as a father's day gift. These bracelets can be wonderful reminders for others too, to encourage and inspire.

I also facilitated the activity for mothers at Safe Place and they were so engrossed in making their beads that I told them to continue on making after the session! My daughter then also taught her 2 friends to make these air dry clay bracelets. Air dry clay is a great medium for people of any age who have never tried clay art before or love mess-free projects.

Hence, I put together a Reminder Bracelet Kit for children to create a reminder bracelet and talk about meaningful reminders. Creating a reminder bracelet will help them to make meaning of what has been happening and encourage them. I believe we can use creativity to make meaning of the things that have been happening in our lives. 'Meaning Making' reduces anxiety and builds resilience because it helps us to make sense of what's happening around us.

Also, the kit comes with a VIDEO LESSON! My first ever recording of a video lesson! With the video lesson, parents, caregivers and children, can focus on conversations about the meaningful reminders and make the bracelets together. I think it's so wonderful when we share a safe space together at home to create and talk about things that matter.

The Reminder Bracelet Kit is suitable for children 6 years and above and in particularly tweens will enjoy the process a lot. Each kit contains enough materials for 2 persons. You can purchase it HERE. Happy Creating!