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Having ran a 2-day Holiday Kids Process Art Workshop at TOUCH Childcare Hougang and TOUCH Childcare Clementi in 2020, we were back again in December 2021 to facilitate the workshop for their Kindergarteners who were transiting to Primary School. During the whole of 2021, we only conducted virtual workshops so it was a wonderful ending to the year to see the children face-to-face!

On the first day, the children listened to the "The Apple Tree Story"and each created an Apple Tree which turned out so unique and special, just like them. On the second day, we read the story "I Hear You"which will help them in expressing their emotions especially during the first few weeks of primary school life - there is no good or bad emotion, we hear them all. We wish the children all the best in their new journey in 2022!

CONTACT US at if you're interested in having creative art programmes that develop social-emotional learning skills at your school.

In order to serve and love others, you have to fill your own tank regularly. It was a joy to be able to facilitate a Salt Art Jar workshop for the volunteers at CDAC Toa Payoh last year November so that they could "fill their tanks" and recharge. We were greatly heartened by the sharing of the values that their jars represent and how the values inspired their passion for volunteering. This just goes to show that even in a virtual space, creative art that involves the senses can bond people together and engage them meaningfully.

CONTACT Rebecca at cartwheelssg@gmail.comif you're interested in having staff or volunteer appreciation sessions at your school, organisation or company.

We had the most lovely time with the staff from TOUCH Child Care making Salt Art Jars for their Teacher's Day celebration in September. 31 participants over ZOOM and even in an online space, we could collaborate, bond and share about our artwork. It's really interesting to observe firsthand how values differ among organisations because of the type of work and clients they serve. I could really sense the great care and concern these teachers have for their preschoolers as they shared about their team values.

Just 2 years ago, we held our first physical workshop in November, and to see how we are now mostly conducting online workshops, is mind-blowing! Here is some feedback from the teachers about the workshop. I'm most encouraged when participants tell me they want to create the artwork again in their own personal time, with their family or with their students. This is what we hope the process art workshops can achieve - to make creativity a part of our lifestyle and community!

CONTACT Rebecca at cartwheelssg@gmail.comif you're interested in having team bonding programmes at your school, organisation or company.

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