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It was our third year running the Holiday Kids Process Art Workshop for the kindergarten two classes at TOUCH Childcare Hougang and TOUCH Childcare Clementi and it is always so enjoyable to see the children express their creativity in their own unique ways. With things opening up, the children are no longer required to wear masks and excursions have also resumed, so the atmosphere was definitely more relaxed as compared to the past 2 years.

On the first day, the children listened to the "The Apple Tree Story"and each created an Apple Tree. Just like the Apple Tree who discovered it is special just the way it was, the children discover they are special just the way they are. On the second day, we read the story "I Hear You"and talked about emotions through the eyes of a snail. The children were engaged in sensory art-play as they make their snail world. While I encouraged the kids to use words to describe their emotions especially during their transition to primary school, I hope parents, caregivers, teachers would hear their emotions, even the big emotions.

The Apple Tree Story

I Hear You Snail World

CONTACT Rebecca at if you're interested in having creative art programmes that develop social-emotional learning skills at your school organisation.

When THIRTYTWOCM asked for artists to conduct art workshops for their "Our House Downstairs @ Moca" Programme at Pek Kio Community Centre, I immediately signed up. I've always wanted to work with seniors but because of covid, there wasn't many opportunities. My previous experience with seniors took place in online workshops and with things opening up on the ground, it was wonderful that I could finally have in-person workshops.

In October, we conducted the Salt Art Jar Workshop for the seniors. It was a time of creating, sharing and listening about values that are important to us - a precious process when we come together as a community to create art. The creative flow and energy empowers, heals and lets us know we are not alone in this journey. There was one lady who shared that her jar represented the value of being 'thankful'. She made only light pastel colours for her salt because she said thankfulness felt like tranquility and she thought these colours matched tranquility. Indeed the seniors have so many beautiful reflections for us to treasure and remember.

Salt Art Jar Workshop for Seniors

Salt Art Jar Workshop for Seniors

And then in November, we conducted our very first Peace Painting Workshop. We encouraged the seniors to relax and practise mindfulness through exploring painting with watercolours. The seniors were so creative and there were so many different styles coming out from their experimentation and exploration! Some of the meaningful reflections I've heard from them:

"The first piece is a warm up and then we have some ideas of what to paint."
"This practise is exploring with watercolour paint."
This is my first time trying watercolour painting, it is so much fun to see how the colours blend."

Peace Painting for Seniors

Peace Painting for Seniors

Contact Rebecca at if you would like a process art workshop for seniors at your community or organisation.

Being part of an awesome mother artist community Mama On Palette, I had the opportunity to conduct art workshop at Otah and Friends!

As with all the art lessons that I plan, this art workshop has sensory and wonder elements to promote social emotional development and creativity.

This is done through storytelling about the Galaxy, and then exploring colour mixing by slowly dripping the liquid watercolours on cloth. They then add details with glitter, sequins and beads, which helps them with their fine motor skills.

What's even more awesome, is that because of your support in my small business, I get to make process art accessible to the community - beneficiaries from non-profit organization Ray Of Hope attended the workshop on 5th November. I had such a wonderful time seeing the children's creativity in action and hearing them share about their artworks.

Thank you everyone for making art a part of the community!

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