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In March, we conducted a Sand Art Terrarium Workshop for a group of teachers for their staff wellness day. It was our first in-person workshop of the year after a round of online ones so it was so refreshing for us. The laughter and synergy and occasional banter among the teachers made 'playing' with sand so enjoyable. It was really heartening to hear them share about their values as a teacher and to see how everyone's artwork is unique yet has a cohesive appearance.

CONTACT Rebecca at cartwheelssg@gmail.comif you're interested in having team bonding programmes at your school, organisation or company.

The year 2020 was a year with events no one could imagined would happen. Even amongst fear and uncertainty, we celebrate FAMILY because it's family that holds us together. So it was in good timing that in December as we reflect on the year, I conducted 2 Family Bonding online art workshops for Fei Yue Family Service Centre's Family Central and Project Family.

With the right tools, guidance, encouragement, inspiration, we provided a creative space that is safe and comfortable for everyone to talk about our family values while making our Salt Art Jars.

CONTACT US at if you're interested in having family bonding programmes at your school, organisation or company.

When I told my friend, Valerie, that I was going to conduct a process art workshop for children based on her book, "I Hear You", the first thing she said to me was, "Rebecca, go hear them."

It was a fantastic 2-day Holiday Kids Process Art Workshop at TOUCH Childcare Hougang and TOUCH Childcare Clementi, for their Kindergarteners who were transiting to Primary School. It's so heartening to know that the principals and teachers share the same heart as CARTWHEELS in wanting to bring social-emotional learning into art programmes.

On the first day, we explored the emotions that we may feel, talk about them and learned to express ourselves based on the story, "I Hear You". And just as Valerie hoped, many voices were heard and we had lots of fun expressing our emotions through art and also hearing our friends' emotions.

On the second day, I had a wonderful time retelling "The Apple Tree Story"to the children and teach them to make their own apple tree. This story had been such a big part of my life in inspiring me and my work when I was a social worker. Each child's apple tree turned out so different with its own flavour and just like the Apple Tree, I hope the children discover their unique qualities as they grow!

CONTACT US at if you're interested in having process art programmes at your school.

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