Last August, I was able to volunteer at Safe Place, an organisation that empowers women and families with unsupported pregnancies to make life-giving choices. It has always been a hope of mine to facilitate a Creative Workshop for mothers because my personal journey with process art brought me the much needed rest when I was a first-time mother.

As the Covid-19 safe distancing measures now allows for visitors, I am grateful for this opportunity to be able to interact with a small group of mums. We talked about sensory play for babies and made discovery bottles. Through making these discovery bottles, there is creativity and the uniqueness of each bottle brings about significance in the play and bonding with their children. I hope this Creative Space brought rest and relaxation for these mums as much as it did for me. Looking forward to more sessions at the Safe Place.

Every month seems to be full of opportunities to create something new! Together with Pauseability, we created a video of drawing fruits for the National Gallery Singapore's new interactive artwork – An Artist’s Tropical Landscape. This instructional video hopes to inspire children of all ages to draw 5 tropical fruits.

And look at the right! So excited to see our earlier video project for #SmallBigDreamersAtHome also being screened! See that brown table in the video? It has been used for all our videos and I absolutely love it because it's where my family creates art at as well! I hope you've a creative space at home too.

Do check out this newest interactive artwork at National Gallery Singapore. Remember to register at their website before going down!

I am inspired by how children freely explore simple materials given to them and create meaningful fantastic art. God has given us materials to create, we’ve his creative DNA and thus everyone is creative. My hope is that even as adults, we just pause for a moment, explore and create something, anything, even with the simplest materials given to us.

Before CARTWHEELS began, I was already given the opportunity to conduct some workshops for adults and youths in the community. The goal of our creative workshops is to inspire creativity in a restful atmosphere. Process art activities for adults are perfect for promoting mental wellness as there is no pressure to produce results. I facilitate the creative process by setting up the learning space, prompts and materials to draw out each person's unique creativity.

Initially, people were shy, modest about their creative abilities and skills but after that they just took off naturally. Amazingly some could spend more than an hour in creating even though they seemed hesitant at the beginning and I myself was so blessed by the sharing of their creations. Through these sessions, I hope that through exploring, creating and expressing ourselves through art, we pause to rest and relax, refresh and recharge.

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