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Before this whole covid-19 saga began in the beginning of the year, I am still extremely thankful for the opportunity to kick start various Kids' Process Art Workshops at the end of last year 2019. Although it was a short-lived first run, I'm sure there is a purpose to the break and so for CARTWHEELS now, it is the time for reflection and training.

One thing I love about teaching children is that they have lesser boundaries compared to adults when it comes to expressing their creativity and they see so many wonderful possibilities, even in the mistakes they make. It's like receiving amazing surprises at the end of the workshop which makes up for all the huge messes created.

I also strongly believe that there is significance in the process of creating art so we explored various kinds of art centred on the theme of VALUES. We learnt about mixed media art and print making. Then we also experimented with materials like salt and slime. Looking forward to more fantastic art created in our future sessions!

In the past few months that CARTWHEELS was set up, we conducted not one team bonding workshop but TWO in November 2019 and January 2020! We’re so blessed and grateful for the opportunity given to us. It has been so inspiring seeing everyone’s creative processes.

My hope for process art is that not only children who experience process art but also adults. I strongly believe that process art stirs up the creativity that lies dormant in us and promotes mental wellness. It provides a space for adults to explore and express creativity in a safe and restful atmosphere.

Our Team Bonding Workshops are really about allowing members to discover creativity individually and as a group. There is so much involved, from learning creative skills to identifying team values, that brings significance to the whole art making process. Here are what some participants commented about their experience:

Not just terrarium making, it allows you the room for creativity, reflection and thought.
Thanks! It really takes the stress off!
It is an awesome session, keep up the good work!

CONTACT US at if you're interested in having team bonding programmes at your school, organisation or company.

I first heard this story about 13 years ago when I was working as a social worker. I attended a course on working with youths and my ex-secondary school principal was the trainer. She told us about “The Apple Tree Story” and even gave us a tiny apple each. This story left a deep impression on my heart. Thereafter, I wanted to tell the story to my youths but I couldn’t find it written as a story book so I made a very make-shift one on powerpoint with some simple graphics. It has always been a wish of mine to illustrate this story into a book no matter how amateurish an artist I am.

The Apple Tree Story is about discovering your uniqueness and knowing that you're special, a masterpiece in the making. I've also created a lesson plan of an apple tree artwork to go along with the story. And then to celebrate with a delicious easy to make apple crumble.

To explore more, you can also enjoy an online education game that I've created based on the story on TinyTap

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