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2022 Social-emotional Learning @ TOUCH Child Care

It was our third year running the Holiday Kids Process Art Workshop for the kindergarten two classes at TOUCH Childcare Hougang and TOUCH Childcare Clementi and it is always so enjoyable to see the children express their creativity in their own unique ways. With things opening up, the children are no longer required to wear masks and excursions have also resumed, so the atmosphere was definitely more relaxed as compared to the past 2 years.

On the first day, the children listened to the "The Apple Tree Story"and each created an Apple Tree. Just like the Apple Tree who discovered it is special just the way it was, the children discover they are special just the way they are. On the second day, we read the story "I Hear You"and talked about emotions through the eyes of a snail. The children were engaged in sensory art-play as they make their snail world. While I encouraged the kids to use words to describe their emotions especially during their transition to primary school, I hope parents, caregivers, teachers would hear their emotions, even the big emotions.

The Apple Tree Story

I Hear You Snail World

CONTACT Rebecca at if you're interested in having creative art programmes that develop social-emotional learning skills at your school organisation.


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