The Apple Tree Story

I first heard this story about 13 years ago when I was working as a social worker. I attended a course on working with youths and my ex-secondary school principal was the trainer. She told us about “The Apple Tree Story” and even gave us a tiny apple each. This story left a deep impression on my heart. Thereafter, I wanted to tell the story to my youths but I couldn’t find it written as a story book so I made a very make-shift one on powerpoint with some simple graphics. It has always been a wish of mine to illustrate this story into a book no matter how amateurish an artist I am.

The Apple Tree Story is about discovering your uniqueness and knowing that you're special, a masterpiece in the making. I've also created a lesson plan of an apple tree artwork to go along with the story. And then to celebrate with a delicious easy to make apple crumble.


The Apple Tree Story e-book

Apple Tree Creative Art Project

Apple Crumble Recipe

To explore more, you can also enjoy an online education game that I've created based on the story on TinyTap

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