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Ladies Night Art Jam @ Tekka 1001

Last month May at Tekka Place, we spent a night with a group of wonderful ladies who expressed their thoughts and feelings through abstract art inspired by the artist Jackson Pollock.

ladies night art jam tekka place

What makes this Art Jam different from others is that there is no copying of photographs, every expression is from within. And guidance is provided in terms of creative exercises as a warm-up at the beginning and prompts given at every step of the way. And they each create a piece of artwork on canvas with various tools and materials.

abstract art expression

Making every stroke, every mark with much courage in this safe space. Some strokes might be experimental, some marks might be exploratory but all purposeful and meaningful. Even if no words can be expressed, the process is an expression of one's thoughts and feelings.

expressing our thoughts and feelings through abstract art

ladies night art jam tekka place
Many thanks to Tekka Place, Millet Group and Tekka 1001 for this cosy place for art making

Our art jam sessions are designed to develop and exercise your creativity while caring for your mental health. Do contact us if you would like a session at your school, workplace or organisation.


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