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I Hear You

When we met a year ago during a playdate, my dear friend Valerie, had been holding some precious words in her heart about connecting with a child's emotions and she has used those words to write a beautiful children's story. A family therapist by profession and now a mother of 2 beautiful daughters, Valerie wrote "I Hear You" from her experience working with children and also as a parent wanting to be present and connected to her children's emotions. I feel so honoured that she chose me to illustrate and publish the book.



"I Hear You" is children's book about giving a voice to a children's emotional world by exploring 8 emotions a child might feel through the eyes of a snail. It hopes to offer meaningful conversations with children as we engage in their emotional world.

Inside the book, you will also find

  • A list of CONVERSATION STARTERS for exploring the illustrations

  • Inspiration for using the book to talk about emotions through CREATIVE EXPRESSION

  • Our paperback book of 24 pages, measures 14.8cm X 21cm / ISBN 978-981-14-7861-1


One thing that Valerie and I strongly believe in is that one way to kickstart and facilitate such conversations is through creative expression. And it's amazing how CARTWHEELS fits into the picture. So we also came up with a CREATIVE CRAFT KIT to go along with the book which children can explore to create a snail artwork. To our amazement, the craft kits have all sold out but do contact us if you will like to order them in bulk.

Inside the kit you will find:

  • I Hear You Book ISBN 978-981-14-7861-1

  • Air-dry clay in 12 colours (10g/small pack)

  • Pom-poms and felt fabric shapes

  • Wooden craft sticks

  • Pipe cleaners

  • Emoticon stickers

  • A digital copy of an emotions chart

  • I Hear You Bookmark

I am very touched by the book. The drawings are beautiful and capture the emotions succinctly for children to be heard and attended to. - Juliana Toh
My children and I find the drawings very nice and the writing easy to understand. I also find the list of questions simple and useful to explore and have a conversation around the illustrations. - Elijah Sim
As adults, even the best of us may lack the awareness to understand and articulate our own emotions, much less to help children communicate theirs. This book could help parents and educators facilitate this important conversation with children - Robyn Tan
“I Hear You" might appear disarmingly simple and straightforward at first glance. However, slowing down like the beautifully illustrated snails, it is a must-read for all parents, caregivers and educators. To learn or relearn the importance of slowing down and hearing the children’s hearts. And hopefully, as they grow their voice, they will one day be able to say to us, “Thank you for hearing me.” - Fong Wei Kurk


This book hopes to inspire every parent or caregiver to slow down to hear the voice of a child, to have a meaningful conversation together.

(UPDATE: SOLD OUT. For bulk orders, please contact Rebecca at

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