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Team Bonding Workshops @ St Luke's Hospital & NCS

In the past few months that CARTWHEELS was set up, we conducted not one team bonding workshop but TWO in November 2019 and January 2020! We’re so blessed and grateful for the opportunity given to us. It has been so inspiring seeing everyone’s creative processes.

My hope for process art is that not only children who experience process art but also adults. I strongly believe that process art stirs up the creativity that lies dormant in us and promotes mental wellness. It provides a space for adults to explore and express creativity in a safe and restful atmosphere.

Our Team Bonding Workshops are really about allowing members to discover creativity individually and as a group. There is so much involved, from learning creative skills to identifying team values, that brings significance to the whole art making process. Here are what some participants commented about their experience:

Not just terrarium making, it allows you the room for creativity, reflection and thought.
Thanks! It really takes the stress off!
It is an awesome session, keep up the good work!

CONTACT US at if you're interested in having team bonding programmes at your school, organisation or company.


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