Creativity, Joy, Hope and Peace

So I've discovered my love for creating, what's next then? I've been engaging my children in art activities since they were as young as 1 year old, I've been painting and lettering, also involved in a lot of DIY projects, on my own as well. In our tiny apartment of 69 square metres, we have created so much fantastic art and I believe that process art can be accessible to everyone, at any space possible. What do I do with all the ideas and resources I have?

Thus CARTWHEELS, a place to share my ideas and resources to the community. Through CARTWHEELS, I hope to instil rhythms of creating art in everyday life. At CARTWHEELS, both children and adults can enjoy process art.

And a big thank you to friends and family who have encouraged me on this endeavour of making process art accessible to everyone, because a day filled with art, is a day filled with joy, hope and peace.