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Ebook: I Hear You

In 2019, my good friend Valerie and I, were sitting at an indoor playground at Funan. Our kids were having a playdate. And our conversation led to an idea. Valerie wanted to write a book about emotions and she asked me to illustrate it. We gave ourselves a 1-year deadline to complete it.

Little did we know that Covid will strike. But we spent 6 months in 2020 to edit and illustrate the book. And on 14th October 2020, we published the book in paperback. (Read the book reviews here)

Since 2020, we've sold about 1000 copies, given away a few hundreds and also donated many copies to the library. 3 years on, we've decided that to make "I Hear You" available as an ebook.

About the Book

I Hear You is a book about giving voice to a child's emotional world. It explores 8 emotions child might feel through the eyes of a snail.

The illustrations might look very raw and amateur as it was my first real project in illustrating a children's book. But most importantly it got the point across. And I love how 'snail's were inspired by Valerie's everyday life:

Nature and snails have a very special meaning for my family. It has almost become a daily routine whenever we walk past the neighbourhood garden. We will look out for snails resting on the walls, snails moving slowly on the pavements and snails climbing very carefully on the lamppost.

Every snail has an emotion to inspire you to slow down to hear your child's emotions. Slow down like the snail. There's homework to complete, dinner to be finished and bedtime's coming. Slow down a little to hear your child's emotion. Every behaviour has an underlying emotion that wants to be heard and acknowledged.

This is a story for children, parents, educators. And even for adults. Adults who were never given that emotional validation as a child.

Ebook now available for purchase

Get the ebook today to engage and connect with a child's emotions (and your emotions)!

P.S. If you still prefer a hardcopy, you can borrow the book from any Singapore National Library Branch. Or if you would like to make a bulk order to give them out to clients, students or community groups, do reach out to us at


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