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Creative Art With Siblings

"All in a tiny apartment space of 59sqm, there was a primary schooler, a preschooler and a toddler. It was mentally and physically exhausting to think and plan art activities for them who were at 3 different developmental phases. It was not just about mess anymore as well, it was about engagement too. I couldn’t afford the energy to set up 2 or 3 different activities because that would mean 2 or 3 different setups and clean ups. I needed art activities that could engage all 3 kids at the same space and at the same time." (Excerpt from book)


And so I curated 20 Process Art activities for families with children of multiple ages from 3 to 12 years. Process Art focuses on the process rather than the outcomes which means younger and older children can be engaged in art making together. Furthermore adults do not have to be formally trained in art to facilitate such art projects. A book of 20 activities can save every family time and effort in finding that suitable art project for a preschooler and tween making art at the same table.

There are also time fillers and conversation prompts to engage children further. With easy-to-follow instructions, older children can participate in helping to set up and facilitate the activities!

What Else is Inside the Book

  • Short-form videos to view the process

  • Downloadable guides and templates

  • A list of art supplies for exploring the activities

  • Tips on engaging your children in process art


You desire to guide your children to cope with the challenges of growing up, school and life. How do you create a home environment that improves your children’s social emotional wellbeing and builds up their resilience? The answer: CREATIVITY. And engaging children through process art activities is a great way to develop creativity.


About the Author: Rebecca Yao

Working with children, youth and families as a social worker, teaching children as an art instructor, and then staying-at-home to nurture her 3 children, these experiences have enabled Rebecca to curate projects that will start your journey of making creativity a part of your family and home.


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