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NEW BOOK: Slow Looking At Birds

Which one came first? The words came first? The art came first? The birds came first?

The art came first. Then looking at the real birds.

I didn't really started off with the intention of writing a book about this topic. It was just sketches and sketches of birds from a book. Slow looking at birds from a book called "A Naturalist's Guide To The Birds Of Singapore" and sketching them out.

These sketches turned into paintings and then into mixed media artworks. And it was until I finished the artworks, that I thought, why not write a book about looking at birds.

Slow looking is simply learning through observation. And birds would probably make a bad subject to observe since they fly off so fast. We've to thank the bird photographers for making slow looking at birds possible for us.

The next question that comes to mind will be, "Okay, I'm looking slowly but is that all to it?"

Hence, I've written 12 creative exercises based on E. Paul Torrance's research on 12 skills that children employ when they are being creative. Torrance is known as the “Father of Creativity”, defined creativity as “generation of novel and useful ideas”. Just as we exercise to keep in shape, we also engage in creative exercises to continuously be creative.

I hope this book will inspire you in slow looking at the world around you and also develop your creativity!

Slow looking at birds: 12 creative exercises inspired by birds in singapore

This book is suitable for both the young and old to exercise and express our creativity. Bring it with you 'on-the-go' when you need to take a break and engage in one of the creative exercises. Gather your friends and colleagues for a creative challenge at work or at play. Bond as a family to create together! BUY HERE


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