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Galaxy Art @ Jurong Playgrounds

It was our first time having an art workshop at the Jurong Playgrounds Weekend Market during the March School Holidays and it was such a fun venue to be at!

Galaxy art storytelling session

An Art Making Session for Multiple-Aged Kids

When I first planned this Galaxy Art Workshop, it was meant to be for preschoolers. But having multiple aged kids myself, I really hope that siblings, no matter how far apart their ages were, could attend the workshop together and that would mean a lot to parents! No need to stress over what the younger or older child have to do while waiting for the one attending the art making session!

Drawing different galaxy shapes

Most people would also think that preschoolers can't create together with older children. But the magic of process art bonds children together! It was truly amazing seeing 4 year old to 11 year old kids creating together at the same table with the same amount of focus and concentration.

Galaxy Artwork on embroidery frame and cloth

Always Wonder and Be Curious

Parent's participation was optional but I was so heartened to see parents staying beside their kids and observing their creativity flow. Process art is indeed a family affair. To all kids (and adults), never stop wondering and being curious about the world around you!

Galaxy Artwork


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