make art a part of your child's life

Kickstart your toddler's creative journey with this TODDLER ART STARTER KIT. This kit includes all the basic materials and tools needed for 20 months to 4 year olds to create art, together with our newly launched book "Creative Art for Toddlers", which includes 10 art activities. 

More About the Kit

All items are child-safe and non-toxic but parental supervision is required. The starter kit is assembled and shipped within Singapore. The supplies in your kit may slightly vary from the photos.  

What You're Going to Find Inside This

Quality Creative Art Essentials...

The 10 process art activities from the book, "Creative Art For Toddlers", were selected from over 10 years of working with children. It also includes tips on engaging your child in process art. Quality art and craft materials have been specially curated to suit a toddler's developmental needs and facilitate fun creative open-ended art play. This starter kit allows parents to set up a creative space at home with the right amount of materials and helps them in understanding what other supplies they can add on in the future as their child grows.  

  • Creative Art for Toddlers Book  ISBN 978-981-14-7053-0

  • 4 x Tempera paint in 100ml bottles of blue, red, yellow, white

  • 12-count watercolour paint 

  • 12-count oil pastels 

  • A set of paintbrushes of various sizes

  • 20 sheets of A3 135gsm paper 

  • 1 pair of blunt-tip child scissors 

  • 1 White glue 40ml

  • 1 set of dot stickers and washi tape


Now: Only $48!

together with our children's book "I Hear You"

(worth $10.90)


My son enjoyed the craft set a lot! All the materials in the box are excellent, and the book was really helpful to give him an idea to draw. I never thought about using flowers to paint! Artwork can sometimes be boring but this box gives us inspiration and creativity. I especially love the sample question part in the book, which encourages more communication between us. 

- Mika and her 2 year old


Now: Only $48!

together with our children's book "I Hear You"

(worth $10.90)

read more about how the book and kit was created HERE

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12-count Oil Pastels