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Building Faith Pictures

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How do you read the bible?

This book serves as a guide to kickstart your creative journey with God. You will discover the joy of reading the bible and hearing God's word through building faith pictures - beautiful visual reminders of His grace, love, hope and peace.

Over 7 weeks, you will respond to God word's through art. Each week, there is 1 devotion reading with invitation-to-create prompts which will help you in making art. A white page is provided for you to write, sketch, draw and paint.

This book is for anyone who is curious about God and creativity. You do not have to love art or know art or be good at art. You simply want to wish to dig deeper into His word and explore creative ways in expressing your reflections.

"Building Faith Pictures" is a paperback book of 40 pages and measures 21cm X 14.8cm (ISBN 978-981-18-1160-9)

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