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Easy Kindness Rocks Painting

Last December Holidays, the kids and I got down to a project that we've done before many years ago but I decided to re-visit it since they've grown quite a bit and the youngest also hasn't done it before. It was December and it was the Christmas season so making kindness rocks was a great holiday activity to spread some kindness around the community. At CARTWHEELS, we believe in"meaningful creativity" and spreading kindness through kindness rocks is one way to express how creativity is meaningful.

What are kindness rocks?

A kindness rock is a small, painted rock that carries a message of encouragement or inspiration. These rocks can be placed in a park, on a hiking trail, or even left on someone's doorstep. The purpose of kindness rocks is for someone to find the rock and feel uplifted and inspired. He or she may even choose to pass on the kindness by leaving their own rock for someone else to find.

What do you need to make kindness rocks?

  1. Rocks with a smooth flat surface. I bought a a few bags of them at a wholesale florist.

  2. Posca Paint markers. I bought them at this link (amazon affiliate)

  3. Fixative sealer spray (only if you're placing the rocks outdoor)

How to make kindness rocks?

I laid out the rocks and chalk markers on the table and explained to the kids that we were making kindness rocks to encourage people. I left it up to them to think of symbols and words. Then they got down to designing their rocks with the paint markers. When they were done, I sprayed the rocks with a fixative sealer. Do not brush the rocks with a sealant as the paint will smudge. Here are some kindness rocks ideas and examples:

kindness rock example

kindness rocks ideas

I actually made a big decision to buy these POSCA Paint Markers. For a long time, I couldn't' bring myself to pay so much for art materials. We've been using a cheaper OEM version. I saw the paint markers on sale during Black Friday and decided to invest in them. Look at how vibrant the colours are! Even the kids could see the difference and refused to use the OEM ones. They also work great on fabrics and a variety of surfaces like glass as well. You can click on this link (amazon affiliate) to purchase them.

The best kind of process art activity is the ones that you can re-visit every few years and the kids still enjoy the process a lot. They were so excited to leave the rocks for someone to find. How about creating some kindness rocks to spread some joy, love and positivity in your community?

kindness rock - kindness together


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