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Creativity on the Move

CARTWHEELS' vision has always been to make creative art accessible to everyone in the community. Art is not just for the well-to-do, art is not just for children, art does not just happen in a studio, art is for everyone and art can be done anywhere. So when we read about Sankalpa: Art Journeys' Community Art Cart in South India, we were inspired by how they used it to bring art activities to the community.

Sankalpa: Art Journeys has produced a Generosity Kit which contains a model-size cardboard version of their life-sized art cart in South India, to encourage individuals to pack art materials inside and take them around to share with others to make art. In support of the local artisans who have made these carts, CARTWHEELS purchased 12 Generosity Kits.

Hence the birth of project "Creativity on the Move"in September 2021 - to bring joy, hope and peace to the community through creative expression by creating and gifting Postcard Art Packs as Children’s Day Gifts for At-Risk Children in South India. These 12 Generosity Kits were distributed out to the community: children and adults in Singapore participated in creating Postcard Art Packs which contained handmade postcards (scroll down to the end to view the various postcards) and art materials. 72 Postcard Art Packs were then shipped off to South India where Sankalpa: Art Journeys helped to distributed them to children at a gypsy village and also to grade 3 children at a nearby school. They didn't quite make it in time for children's day due to the heavy rains and festival days but they were still wonderful gifts for the year end holiday season!

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our first ever cross-cultural project, those who made the postcard art packs, and even those who helped to share the project! Thank you very much to our partner in South India, especially Ms Krupa Devi, founder of Sankalpa: Art Journeys who so generously spent her time to distribute the gifts even in the midst of the pandemic. We are so grateful for likeminded friends who have the same passion in using art to inspire creativity and promote mental wellness.


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