This book is about giving a voice to a child's emotional world. It explores 8 emotions that a child may feel through the eyes of a snail. The illustrations will engage children aged 3 to 10 years old in meaningful story-telling and story-hearing, with generous doses of Curiosity and Creativity invited into this space. 

What Else is Inside the Book

  • A list of CONVERSATION STARTERS for exploring the illustrations

  • Inspiration for using the book to talk about emotions through CREATIVE EXPRESSION

  • Our paperback book of 24 pages, measures 14.8cm X 21cm / ISBN 978-981-14-7861-1

More About the Kit

*This kit is suitable for children ages 3+ and contains enough materials for 2 children. 

*Please note that it also contains small loose parts that could present a choking hazard for small children so adult supervision is required. 

*The supplies in your kit may slightly vary from the photos.  

Add just $10 more 

Creative Craft Kit BUNDLE

We also have the option for you to purchase our book along with a CREATIVE CRAFT KIT packed with loads of art & craft materials all ready for you to get making the Snail Artwork Project provided in the book. It's a perfect way to connect with your child and his or her emotions through creative expression! 

The craft kit includes:

  • I Hear You Book ISBN 978-981-14-7861-1

  • Air-dry clay in 12 colours (10g/small pack)

  • Pom-poms and felt fabric shapes

  • Wooden craft sticks

  • Pipe cleaners

  • Emoticon stickers

  • A digital copy of an emotions chart

  • I Hear You Bookmark

To complete the project you will also need the following tools/materials that are NOT supplied in this kit:

  • Paper

  • Paint and brushes

  • Oil pastels or markers

  • Scissors

  • White glue 


Purchase 5 books and get 10% off


Give children the gift of being heard and attended to this Christmas through "I Hear You". 


For bulk quantities more than 5, email us at cartwheelssg@gmail.com

I am very touched by the book. The drawings are beautiful and capture the emotions succinctly for children to be heard and attended to. 

- Juliana Toh

My children and I find the drawings very nice and the writing easy to understand. I also find the list of questions simple and useful to explore and have a conversation around the illustrations. 

- Elijah Sim

As adults, even the best of us may lack the awareness to understand and articulate our own emotions, much less to help children communicate theirs. This book could help parents and educators facilitate this important conversation with children

- Robyn Tan

“I Hear You" might appear disarmingly simple and straightforward at first glance. However, slowing down like the beautifully illustrated snails, it is a must-read for all parents, caregivers and educators. To learn or relearn the importance of slowing down and hearing the children’s hearts. And hopefully, as they grow their voice, they will one day be able to say to us, “Thank you for hearing me.”

- Fong Wei Kurk


COST: $10.90

1 Copy of "I HEAR YOU" (paperback)


COST: $22.00

1 Copy of "I HEAR YOU" (paperback)

1 Creative Craft Kit


COST: $49.00

5 Copies of "I HEAR YOU" (paperback)

*Books and craft kits are only shipped within Singapore 

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn all about "I Hear You". The book was created by 2 good friends, Valerie Oh and Rebecca Yao. It is the fruit of the kindred spirit found through motherhood. Valerie has been working with children, youths and families for the past 15 years since her formal training in social work and family therapy. Rebecca is the founder of CARTWHEELS and comes with 10 years of experience in working with children, youth and families as a social worker, an art instructor and a content creator.

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