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Creativity on the Move

Bringing joy, hope and peace to the community through creative expression: Let's create Postcard Art Packs as Children’s Day Gifts for At-Risk Children in South India. This project is open to everyone of all ages!

Create Postcard Art Packs for at-risk children in South India

In India, Children’s Day is celebrated on 14 November. In collaboration with Sankalpa: Art Journeys, we will be distributing Postcard Art Kits to children as gifts. Sankalpa: Art Journeys will then conduct art making sessions with the art materials received. 


Each Postcard Art Pack will contain:

  • Your handmade postcard 
  • Your art materials

Share Art Materials through an ART CART

Sankalpa: Art Journeys has produced a Generosity Kit which contains a model-size cardboard version of their life-sized art cart in South India, to encourage individuals to pack art materials inside and take them around to share with others to make art. In support of the local artisans who have made these carts, CARTWHEELS have purchased 12 Generosity Kits.

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Participate in the Project

Sign up to participate in the project and receive a cardboard ART CART to make and decorate.

We will be mobilising 10 ART CARTS!



Step One: Create a Postcard Art Pack

A. CREATE A POSTCARD in A6 size (4.1 x 5.8 inch). You could add interesting pictures, places or symbols of Singapore.

Please include the following greeting on the back:

Dear Friend,

Happy Children’s Day!

(Optional: You may add more wishes of your own)


(Your Name)


B. GIVE ART MATERIALS that are in good condition and cut to size to fit into a C6 envelope (4.5 x 6.4 inch). We will NOT be accepting stationery like glue, scissors, crayons, colour pencils and paint. Here is a list of art materials you can give:

  • Stickers and washi tape

  • Collage pictures 

  • Textured paper

  • Wrapping paper

  • Painted paper 

  • Used postal stamps

  • Colour paper


Step Two: Share Art Materials with Friends

  • Fill the ART CART with Art Materials

  • Pass on the ART CART to a friend 

  • Click the link to see where your ART CART has travelled around Singapore!

art cart with materials

Mail your postcard art pack to us! 

Send your POSTCARD ART PACK (handmade postcard and art materials) to us by 30 SEPTEMBER so that we can pack them into gifts for mailing to South India in time for their Children's Day on 14 November.

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Fill you art cart

Postcards Gallery

postcards gallery

Art Cart Update

  • See where your ART CART has travelled around Singapore!

  • ART CARTS are grouped by colour

  • Click on the location marker to view the details of the ART CART - SERIAL NUMBER & PHOTO

  • This map is updated weekly and is best viewed on a desktop

art cart update
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