Last month, we were involved in a project creating activity sheets and video tutorials for the National Gallery of Singapore children's festival: Small Big Dreamers! This year it is back with #smallbigdreamersathome. It was a wonderful opportunity to partner with Pauseability on this project, we truly enjoyed the process of developing unqiue art activities using items easily found at home.

Besides the activity sheets and video tutorials that we created, there are also many interactive fun games to learn about various artworks, so do check out Small Big Dreamers by National Gallery Singapore to explore art at home!

A friend once said, "The days are long but the years are fast." 2 months of circuit breaker just went zoomed past and we were busy with so many projects going on to bring art online into homes.

One of the ways was through Facebook Live and we are so thankful for various community groups which provided the platform to share art activities that we can do at home. In this season of limited resources (as retail shops are closed and even online stocks are low too), there is still so much room for creativity to take place by exploring and experimenting with items we can find in our homes.

There were 2 Facebook Live creative art sessions that we conducted. A big thank you to SilverGood for allowing us to share how to create a Salt Art Jar for seniors, and Real Mums for inviting us to share about Printmaking Appreciation Cards as a bonding activity for children and their parents. And also a shoutout to our amazing young assistants (my son and daughter) who helped out.

No one is too young or too old to create art, and we can all create art together.

Before this whole covid-19 saga began in the beginning of the year, I am still extremely thankful for the opportunity to kick start various Kids' Process Art Workshops at the end of last year 2019. Although it was a short-lived first run, I'm sure there is a purpose to the break and so for CARTWHEELS now, it is the time for reflection and training.

One thing I love about teaching children is that they have lesser boundaries compared to adults when it comes to expressing their creativity and they see so many wonderful possibilities, even in the mistakes they make. It's like receiving amazing surprises at the end of the workshop which makes up for all the huge messes created.

I also strongly believe that there is significance in the process of creating art so we explored various kinds of art centred on the theme of VALUES. We learnt about mixed media art and print making. Then we also experimented with materials like salt and slime. Looking forward to more fantastic art created in our future sessions!